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Fahad Abdulaal is a mastering engineer with eight years experience in the specialised industry. His current portfolio includes releases with major labels and studios such as ABC Australia, Sony BMG, Rockcandy Productions, Oaklands Productions, as well as many independent music labels.


His style is adaptive, applying different techniques dependant upon the intent of the artist and the style most suited to the instrumentation. This modern, multi-faceted approach ensures a rich full sound that enhances the hard work already laid down in production.


A passion for excellent hardware and attention to detail is what it's all about.


The 2Hz studio is located on the outskirts of Melbourne CBD and is housed within the walls that make up Oaklands Studios Australia. It is a large facility with state of the art equipment. We have two control rooms, one drum booth, one guitar booth, and two vocal booths, as well as one of Australia's best sounding live rooms... The studio also hires out gear for both in studio/live audio.


Feel free to get in contact if you'd like to come check out the studio.

if music is the universal language..
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What we do

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At 2hz, we specialise at adapting our techniques to better suit the job at hand. A fine line between giving your creation that final touch, whilst remaining respectful to the genre and essence of your sound. Working closely with the artist is standard practice. We try to get to know our clients to better understand their needs and preferences so we can tailor the sound to perfection.


Don't take our word for it,


             let the sound speak for itself....


From classical to electronic music,  we specialise in capturing the essence of your vision and translating it to fill any system it plays through.  Using a combination of the best analougue/digital gear, we'll deliver a product that is world class.


Housed in Oaklands Studios Australia,  the range of amazing mics, outboard gear and engineers/producers around is massive. This is the place guaranteed to capture your sounds perfectly.

sound design/post-production

Sound is just as important as video to set the mood in films, and we understand that well. We have a team of musicians, producers and a state of the art venue to allow for limitless creation.


Whether it's modern synthesis, or classic foley sounds, we can bring your project to life.

additional services

Apart from studio work, we also provide consultancy on a wide range of audio/acoustic queries.

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